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Re: Then why have an ON - OFF switch?

Rockwallaby wrote:


The service guy did tell me that by leaving the lens with the VR swich set to on when the camera is turned off, the lens will not put the VR mechanism into it's correct parked position, leaving it in the operating position.

We only have his thoughts on this matter. I have to disagree.

He showed me the VR mechanism and it certainly is very wobbly/loose indeed. He also said that leaving it in the on position may not cause a problem in itself but the lens is left in a state that is more vulnerable to becoming damaged, particularly when the lens is removed from the camera.

For instance, you may well look after your lens when you handle it during the decoupling process and placement in your protective backpack. But then you take a long hike with your backpack. Every step you take has the potential of inducing motion into the "very wobbly" VR mechanism. If the VR had been turned off, the VR mechanism is placed in the parked position so that the "wobbly" bits are secured.

I think this has to be false. The "parked position", as you call it, would be the same for when you turn VR off or turn the camera off as once power is turned off, the elements are then put into their "parked position". The fact that you need to turn the VR off is no different than turning the camera off, in this instance, as it means that when power is off, the VR is off and achieves the same thing - disengagement of the coils that allow free movement via computer control of the lens elements that need to be moved to stop motion blur.

The most plausible explanation is that when the power is on, and when the VR button is on, and when the shutter is activated, then the appropriate lens elements are then controlled by computer controlled coils and this is put into motion to correct blur. However, when power is turned off and/or the VR is deactivated and the lens elements that are normally controlled by these VR correction coils are then left in their correct and secured position and cannot and do not move.

This is why the instruction manual states, and I quote: "Be certain the camera is off when removing or changing lenses", and not: "Be certain to turn off VR before removing or changing lenses". Nowhere in any of my camera's or lens's literature does it state that you need to keep the VR off when turning the camera off as there is no need to.

The only thing the instructions do say is to not turn the camera off when VR is actually operating and this is not just when VR is on, but actually operating, ie, when the VR coils are actually in the midst of stabilising an image in the few seconds after you have half pressed the shutter. As we all know, the VR stabilisation only lasts for a few seconds after pressing the shutter and then the VR stops and leaves the lens elements in the rightful and secured position.

I ask you, why would the VR lens designers put an ON-OFF switch on the lens if the VR is correctly parked just by turning the camera off. There is no way the designers would add the complication and cost to provide it if it was not needed.

The ON-OFF switch is there simply so as you can decide not to use VR when there is no need to, ie when the shutter speed is fast enough, or when you may want to use motion blur to convey movement. That is all. Simple. No smoke and mirrors, that is the complete reason why and no other reason at all.

The service guy did say that failures of the VR mechanism were not common but did happen and most owners were not aware of the need to turnoff/correctly park the VR feature. The fact that he had the VR mechanism at hand to demonstrate to customers like me of what can cause failures was very positive but it also indicates to me that they see VR failures often enough to have the parts readily available to demonstrate.

Having just spent AU$800 on getting my well cared for 70-200 repaired, I will gladly follow any advice provided to ensure I don't have any further failures. If others don't wan't to take up that advice, then that is up to them.

You can do what you like, but it smacks of complete c0bblers to me as it just doesn't make sense from an engineering standpoint.


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