Would you still by the 5D Mrk III?

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Press Correspondent wrote:

PeterK wrote:

Press Correspondent wrote:

Keep in mind that the tele reach factor is NOT the crop factor, hut the ratio of the pixel sizes. For example, if 7D2 ends up 24mp, its tele reach factor in comparison to 1Dx would be 1.85, not 1.6.

Can you explain that please? I never knew that (not being sarcastic, although it might read like that). - Thx

Sure. Consider 5D3, a FF sensor with 5.25 mkm pixels. Take its sensor and "crop" it with scissors (or just cover the outer parts by black paper). Now you have a cropeed sensor with the same pixel size. Will there be a difference when you look at the whole picture? Of course. The croped sensor photo will not be as WIDE. So on the wide end the crop factor rules. Now look at the picture at 100% magnification. Will you see any difference? Obviously not. It is the same pixels you are looking at. If a dustant bird ended up 300 pixeks across, it still is 300 pixels acriss. The tele reach of this cropped sensor is 1x, not 1.6x. In fact, Canon 20D has vertially the same pixel size, 6.26 mkm. There is absolutely no tele reach advantage in using 20D compared to 5D3 despite the crop vs. FF difference. If you go further, 5D3 has a tele reach advantage over cropped 10D. I hope this helps.

For all practical purposes, Press Correspondent is right.  For pixel-peepers, the ensuing discussion on diffraction and pixel size and whatnot might have some academic interest, but it has very little real-life value.  You can take the above explanation and run with it.  A 5D3 would have the same reach as an APS-C camera with 8.6mp.  (22 / 1.6 / 1.6)


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