1DX / 85 1.2 ll / 600EX aperture 1.2 - Amazing lens for isolating the subject !!!

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Press Correspondent wrote:

If you don't need CC, feel free to ignore the rest.

1. Too often people here use any equipment excuse to show off their children. Having said that, I do like the second photo, although just a snapshot with harsh shadows from the on-camera flash, but please do not let my personal opinion affect your feelings in any way.

2. Isolating the background is not the same as completely destroying it. The goal is to make the subject pop as if 3-dimentional. The best way to accomplish this is by putting the background into a proper perspective by blurring it with a nice bokeh, but without losing the spatial orientation of he subject in its surrounding. When you over do the background blur with a too shallow DOF, you create a cartoon effect as if the subject was cut out with scissors and glued on a flat color paper. The subject remains clear, but the whole photo becomes flat thus achieving the opposite result from what the goal was.

3. Having a messy background requires a very shallow DOF to blur it enough to make less annoying. While this may be necessary when you have no control over the background, in general this is not what shallow DOF is for.

4. One of the most praised qualities of a superb lens is nice bokeh. Bokeh is only meaningful when the background is still recognizable with elements in proper perspective. Once the background is completely destroyed by an overly shallow DOF, there is no bokeh really anymore, just a global blur.

All great points on use of depth of field, where, when and how to best use it. I happen to like having the totally destroyed, blurred, creamy backgroud...sometimes....but not when the background adds something interesting.

These are nice shots with very good subject expression. I especially like the foreground blurred out toys in the second shot. But I think that the background is not something that adds to the shots, the toys are great, other things seem out of place. One thing the OP could try is to use the flash to create the separation between subject and background by closing the aperture and keeping the shutter speed high (use HSS if necessary) which would darken or turn the background to black, give the separation he seems to be looking for and add negative space.

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