D5100 Viewfinder vs. D7000

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Re: D5100 Viewfinder vs. D7000

ZionGates wrote:

I own a D90, D5100, and D700, to be honest the viewfinder difference is so subtle I Never notice any differences and it definitely does not affect my photography in any manner.

My favorite body is the D5100, size/weight/performance is the perfect balance for my use. I even like the simplicity of the ergonomics, for example the fn button which I use for iso is located in a better position than the iso button on the D90 or D700.

that's interesting. I have a sort of similar experience - I got a D60 in 2008 and was initially very frustrated with the viewfinder, comparing it to my old film SLR - a Pentax ME Super. The Pentax VF was very much larger than the D60.  I tried a friend's D90 not that long after and doing the 3-way comparison I thought that there wasn't that much difference between the size of the D60 and D90 VFs esp RELATIVE to the film camera. I have subsequently got a used D90, and yes it does have a brighter and bigger VF but my size/wieght preference, especialy carrying the camera around, is the D60 body size. I certainly struggle to use either for manual focus - my vision isn't great though. Neither is like the big split prism on the Pentax for this purpose.

I agree about the fn button being nicer for ISO changing than the dedicated ISO button on the D90 (though I generally shoot Aperture priority so use the front wheel for ISO which is also very good)

I've looked through the D5100 and D3200 VFs and there isn't much difference. I've been thinking about which one of these I would get if I were to buy another body. The D3200 feels nicest in my hand and I like the button layout but the 24MP doesn't wow me. The D5100 doesn't feel quite as nice and I am not convinced about the flippy screen (and its necessary button shifts) but it does have 1/3 EV ISO stops and lots of people here rate its sensor very highly.

getting way off topic but why can't the lower end dSLRs have 1/3 EV ISO steps? Is it just a software 'switch' that would be very easy and inexpensive to implement? Seems that ISO should be the third finely adjustable parameter alongside aperture and shutter speed ... (I'd trade that for video any day)

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