Interesting List Of Reasons To Buy Into Fourthirds

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Travelling with an E-P5 ...

I do enjoy my E5 and OM 4T very much and I might even buy an EP5 for use as a travel camera. I don't like small cameras but when I wonder away from the tourist areas in Mexico I think something less conspicuous would be wise.

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The E-P5 actually has a premium look and feel when you handle it in person. It has a reassuring heft and is beautifully made, like fine jewellry.

It's a high quality camera that looks built to last, but if I were travelling somewhere where theft or violence was a concern I think you'd be better off with a lower model. The E-P5, when you see it in person, screams expensive.

I photographed life in a Jamaican shanty town a couple years back (one year the murder rate in Jamaica was the highest in the world) with an old E-PL1 and 17mm 2.8 mZuiko pancake lens. It looked a lot like any crappy digital point and shoot not worth the bother to steal, but produced really outstanding images.

I'd recommend something like that over the E-P5 for travel in potentially dodgy areas, however the E-P5 is a really great camera for general purpose everyday photography if you are thinking past the Mexican trip.

I just got one and it feels well built for the long haul to pro standards. I've used it on two jobs so far and the camera performed very well over the course of a thousand plus exposures dealing with a variety of subjects, some in very rapid motion.

Douglas Brown

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