Would you still by the 5D Mrk III?

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Muresan Bogdan wrote:

Well you got it all wrong here. As somebody said, all pixels are not equal. So if the pixel density is very high ( crop body with 24mp for example) you have a very big drop in shapness ( it's plain physics - difraction phenomenon mostly). So you might and up with that 300 pixels bird that looks mushy while on a FF body you get a 200 pixel bird that is very sharp and so it might take a resize to 300 pixels and still look better than your APS-C.

No current FF (well perhaps D800??) scales up looks even as good never mind better than shooting a distant bird with an 18MP+ APS-C sensor. Believe me I carefully compared the 7D that I used to have to the 5D2 I used to have and to my 5D3 and for distance limited stuff under good lighting the 7D easily beat them both (for bad lighting the 7D still always did at least a bit better than the 5D2 and often at least a trace better than the 5D3 although occasionally not under really bad circumstances). I say this as someone who only owns FF now, my old APS-C camera pulled in better distance limited shots most of the time.

I can post up test samples again.

That was one of the reasons I liked the D800...it truly was 2 cameras in one.  Fantastic in theory for sports and wildlife as well as landscape and portraits.    Put that sensor in a Canon AF system and we're rocking!

With the lastest sensors, the more pixels you can put on a subject, the better results you'll get.   Gone are the days of increased overall image noise with higher density.   Bring on the pixels!

If only Nikon put a good AF module in there I'd still have it.   I had problems focusing fast lenses in indoor warm light vs. outdoors.   Could calibrate for one or the other.   Plus I had the dreaded left AF point issue.

Now I have the 5DIII and it focuses perfectly...the camera just works.

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