Did anyone use Kodachrome? Was it only a slide film?

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Kodachrome - the reason for 300 2.8 lenses

IceShot wrote:

Just curious about the history of this famous film.

What would you all say was the popular Kodak film in the 80s and 90s for normal film print cameras?

Kodachrome was for a long time so superior to anything else. Sports photographers hade to use the faster but inferior Ektachorme HS (160 ASA, pushable to 320, later versions 400 and up) to be able to use long teles even in daylight. The 300 2.8 lenses made it possible to get the high quality of Kodachrome in the sport shots. Since the lenses were used on high profile games like the Olympics, there was a market for the expensive lenses among the photo agencies.

Once the sports pros started to use them they discovered the superb qualities in the optics and the subject isolation and started to use the big fat lenses in all conditions, what we still see today.

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