Noise Reduction Software for Nikon V2 Raws

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Re: Noise Reduction Software for Nikon V2 Raws

LightRoom will do what you want, it is inexpensive and a great programme.

Jim F wrote:

Looking for recommendations on noise reduction software but must consider a few limitations. In my case, I believe I've limited my choices since I have not upgraded Photoshop CS3 (I don't use it much and I cannot justify the cost since I am only an enthusiast and not doing a lot of batch work). Some of the better NR software now requires later version of PS. I don't mind paying for the NR software. Just don't want to have to go broke upgrading PS too.

Here's my setup, software and basic workflow. Mid 2010 MacBook Pro i-7 2.66 ghz, OSX 10.8.4 8gb of RAM, Solid State Drive. I'm shooting raw only with a Nikon D800E and Nikon 1 V2. Noise is not an issue for me with the D800E, but the V2 creates noisy images above ISO 400 (ISO 800 is about the useful limit) which is the motivation to gets some NR software that will deal with V2 noise.

Aperture 3.4.5 is my library/catalog program and how I import from my memory cards. Nikon raw NEFs are edited one by one in Capture NX2. I seldom use PS CS3 for anything except some pano stitching, occasional HDR and other minor projects. I can export my NIkon NEFs directly from Aperture into CS3 as PSDs. Aperture and CNX2 have NR functions but they're not great.

I'm quite happy with Aperture and want to avoid LR if possible. Trying to stay away from as many Adobe products as possible. Any ideas for NR software that will work with my current software?

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