Question about filters

Started Aug 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Question about filters

laueddy wrote:

jers wrote:

I am thinking about buying, a clear B+W filter, for my X-E1. Is it really worth the extra money?

I have had B+W MRC & Hoya MRC, and the new Hoya HD/HD2 are by far one of the very best filter I had. Especially with Fuji which I don't normally have lens cap, the HD filter can stay clean, and hardly get dirty, and super easy to clean.

Finally! Somebody who actually has experience with B+W and HD2 filters. So are these the clear filters (007 and protector)? I recently purchased a pro1 and returned it since it was a pain to clean. So which is easier to clean the B+W or the HD2?


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