HS50EXR - SL1000 - Any other superzoom - Which one to buy ??

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Re: HS50EXR - SL1000 - Any other superzoom - Which one to buy ??

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Hi, I am a camera enthusiast & own, at present, HS10 and want to buy "all in one, superzoom bridge camera" like HS50EXR or SL1000 or CanonSX50HS but cant decide which one to buy,( I normally depend on the DP Review & specs of the camera)

Need an experts view / suggestions / advice on which one to buy.

Previously, I have owned "Yashica FX3", "Minolta XD-11", "Nikon N-60" & then "Minolta DIMAGE1" & then "HS10"

Looking forward to some valuable suggestions on this please.


Cameras are all good you listed.

Look for features you may use. For example, do you need exposures longer than 8 seconds, the the SL1000 would be your choice. I have found that all of these perform about the same though I prefer the SL1000 due to features verses price.

If you or anyone has some images taken with the SL1000, I would really love to see them. This cam has many of the features I want..especially with the CMOS sensor. I also like the fact that Fuji put a high end EVF on it along with a superb LCD. Thanks!

If you only like that fact that it is slow motorized zoom and has longer zoom then that is understandable otherwise HS50 is a much better camera in any way.

-=[ Joms ]=-

Joms, I think you overestimate the slight benefit of a manual zoom..nice to have, but not necessary. And longer zoom is only as good as the sensor and good glass work in tandem. From what I have seen between the HS30/HS50, the IQ is not quite there when compared to Canon's SX40/50 series and the Nikon P510. Fuji's CMOS sensor in this should be do a great job with IQ, but there is darn little images from it, especially someone knowledgeable, to determine it's IQ.

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