Achieving 'correct' focus with shallow DOF

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elleana wrote:

Not quite sure how to frame the question, but am somewhat new to shooting with an SLR (picked up my 6D last week) so apologies if the answer is painfully obvious. I am looking to take photos with dreamy, creamy bokeh and was told shooting FF with a wide aperture is the way to go. The 6D paired with the 24-70mm 2.8 Mk II is man amazing combination, but I am having trouble focusing accurately when shooting wide open at long focal lengths.

The depth of field is so shallow/narrow that even a couple of inches will throw things off. As an example, I was trying to take a picture of my niece holding an Elmo plush. The picture looked fine in camera, but when I loaded it up on my computer it turned out the focus was on Elmo (which my niece was hugging in front of her) which was incredibly, somewhat scarily in sharp focus - I cold make out each individual hair - while my nieces' face was put of focus.

So i guess my question is, how do I check that focus is on the correct object in camera, given the viewfinder shows the picture at infinity focus and the screen is kind of small for any proper review of pictures? Or is that what I need to do - playback at 100% magnification after each shot to check the focus is what I have in mind?

Thank you so much for the help in advance. Hope my question is clear!

Get the 85 / 1.2L II and practice with it wide open.  Then it will be a slam dunk with the 24-70 / 2.8L II. 

More seriously, yes, 100% magnification on playback and check (although I usually use 4x magnification and find it to be good enough).  There is also a high precision focus screens that will help you see the DOF a bit better in the viewfinder, although it will make it darker (not the photo, but the view in the viewfinder).

That's what I was thinking when reading this. Come borrow my 85 for a week and see how that goes haha

U don't always have to shoot open too. Best be safe sometimes and grab f4/5.6/8

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