Africa-Safari with D7100. Which lenses to buy?

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Re: Africa-Safari with D7100. Which lenses to buy?

LTZ470 is also one of my most reliable references.

I already own a GH3 + 25mm 1.4 (50mm equiv), which I keep as a permanent set for normal beautiful shots.

I also took advantage of a A57 + 18-55 + 75-300 kit on sale, to which I add a 30mm 2.8 macro, after I experienced the fantastic easyness of use and versartility of that Sony alpha machine.

An SX30 that I bought for my Hawaii trip, which has been recently  replaced by a FZ200 superzoom and it's amazing permanent 2.8.

A pocket-car all around ZS20. And my beloved LX3 and its attachably wide-lens, which I keep always attached.

But D7100 and its 57 focus points, 24 Mp and 1/8000 convinced me to get one unit, for this kind of safari trips, but mostly for my permanent amateur bird ID hobby.


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