Travel Tripod - Smaller than this one? BENRO MeFOTO

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Re: Travel Tripod - Smaller than this one? BENRO MeFOTO

Deciding to bump this because I've noticed new products that seem to address the center column problem that people were mentioning on earlier models.
There's a newer T005X (AL) and T025X (CF) that have a removeable center column. They run $140 and $240 respectively. This INCLUDES the C10X ballhead you were also raving about for its smaller size. (I really wonder if they were reading your posts here :-O)
I can't seem to find any video reviews or whatnot, just the older t005 and t025 ones.

I was trying to decide between this one and the Benro A0690T Travel Angel

the sirui claims a 11.8'' folded length vs the 15'' travel angel. Based on appearance though, the travel angel does look to have a much beefier 'spider' column where the legs all connect? I'm also curious if a removeable center column is the same thing as one that will lower below the spider area. It seems like instead of lookin glike a 4th leg in the middle, it would just have nothing there. That seems like a big design difference so I wonder how that affects performance. Any more insight would be helpful. Thanks!

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