Africa-Safari with D7100. Which lenses to buy?

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Re: Africa-Safari with D7100. Which lenses to buy?

This appears to be you first venture into Nikon but not photography .  What Nikkors do you have?  What other gear are you taking?  Are you taking any m43, P&S, super-zooms?  Depending on the answers... how much do you want to spend

Bobby has a good idea with the 50-500 OS although I'm opting for the new AFS 80-400vrII.  The Sigma is much less expensive and Bobby gets great results.  I'm a big fan of LTZ470 and he shoots all sorts of gear with great results.

I have not paid much attention but not sure if the 50-500 OS has any problems with the D7100.

I type slow the 18-105 is the kit lens for the D7100 and it is a 1.5 crop but it also has a 1.3 crop with that so you get about the same 2.0 as m43  at 15MP

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