How good is auto focusing on current m43 cameras

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Re: Face detection does wonders to photograph kids.

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I was an early adopter of m43 with one of the first Panny G1s. I found the AF excellent but, although recent cameras I've owned (Sony Nex 7 and Fuji X-E1) have given me superior image quality to the now ancient G1, I do find that their AF, to put it frankly, sucks. I do like the quality of both Raw and Jpeg output from the Fuji but am missing too many shots of my little granddaughter, simply because the fact that by the time I've focused, she's moved - which of course is what kids do!

Not only the AF on m4/3 cameras in general is much faster and more accurate than most of the other mirrorless cameras, the face-detection does wonders to photograph kids. For this reason alone, I am sticky with m4/3. Although the IQ from Fuji and NEX under certain conditions may be better, I worry too much about missing shots.

Update for you: NEX5R (and 6):

"The NEX-5R is Sony's first E-mount camera with Fast Hybrid AF, utilizing two focusing technologies to provide extremely fast and accurate auto-focusing. Phase detection AF splits incoming images into two and compares them for light intensity in order to focus, it is a fast system, able to focus in 0.3 seconds and especially useful when tracking moving subjects. Contrast AF uses the image sensor to measure the contrast differences amongst the pixels, pixels that are "in focus" having higher contrast. It is considered a very accurate focusing system and combined with Phase detection AF, provides the 'Hybrid' system that gives the NEX-5R such a noteworthy DSLR-like auto-focusing capability."

"Face Detection and Smile Shutter technology make for perfect portraits and group shots and Enhanced Tracking Focus keeps moving subjects in focus while you concentrate on the best composition. Amazingly, Tracking Focus and Face Detection can work together, if for example, your subject turns away from the camera (think, every kid!). The NEX-5R will switch automatically from Face Detection to Focus Tracking and back again when your subject stops and looks again toward the camera."

I've had the NEX-6, NEX-7, and now the E-M5 And briefly the E-P5.  The AF difference between the 7 and 6 are negligible.  It pales in comparison to the E-M5.  I noticed no real difference between the 6 and 7, if anything the 6 had a tendency to miss focus on the subject that I was trying to focus on.  I would have to resort to using center AF and re-composing whereas with the E-M5 and E-P5 the touch focus combined with lightning fast AF made it a breeze.

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