FL-36R vs. FL-600R

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Re: FL-36R vs. FL-600R

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Simple question to you OMD EM-5 pros … I own an Olympus fl-36R flash. Its now outdated by the new Olympus fl-600R flash. Other than the fact that the 600R takes four batteries and recycles a bit faster, does anyone know of any other significant improvements or features ( etc. ) that would encourage someone like me to sell the fl-36r to buy the newer fl-600-r ???

The faster recycling that has been mentioned is indeed a big plus. But, perhaps a bigger plus is the fact that the 600R can be used in RC mode, both on the camera and off (in conjunction with the FL-LM2 tiny flash).

I have both the FL36r and the 600R and both work in RC mode. I believe they made a FL36 non-R version maybe this version your thinking of?

Yes. Thanks for clarifying.

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