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Apologies to all who were offended by my use of the words "we" and them(referring to m4/3 users who frequent this forum, and "them" the ff trolls who seem to visit this forum).

My only point was that it is frustrating to have so many threads on this forum and even the comment sections of DP Review News articles that feature m4/3 gear,  dissolve into debates about DOF etc...

I also acknowledge that there are users who own both systems, though I doubt they are the persistent people who seem so eager to bash m4/3.

As for why I don't post any of my family photos online, that is my prerogative.  There are pedophiles online.  I am also an artist and I am not eager to post my macro photography online because it is strictly commercial.

It just seems odd that so many threads seem to bring up the DOF argument.  I for one have never had the urge or need to visit the Canon or Nikon forums.

Yes I understand that "i" or "we" don't own this forum, and that anyone is welcome to post their opinions or comments as long as they don't violate the rules.

In the end I really enjoy using my m4/3 gear.

I apologize again for ruffling any feathers.

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