7D and lens(es) you can't live without.....

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Re: 7D and lens(es) you can't live without.....

skanter wrote:

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skanter wrote:

RJayP wrote:

My 70-200 2.8is mk2 stays on my 7d 85% of the time

I don't get it. How does 112mm minimum work as a walk-around lens? Do you only shoot things from very far away.

Absolutely no problem

7D with 70-200L f/4IS @70mm f/7.1, with a distance of between 5ft and 6 ft

Great for portraits, but not very flexible. For me the 17-55 is one I can't live without and use most. 10-22 comes next, and 70-300 a distant third. I guess it depends on the style of shooting, and what you shoot.

"I guess it depends on the style of shooting, and what you shoot."

I completely agree with this statement.

For me the EF-S 17-55mm is my most used.

Then the 70-200mmL 2.8 IS II (Love this one but can't use it all the time.)

Then the EF-S 10-20mm.

My 50mm 1.2L is used the least only because it is a prime and I have to zoom with my feet. Although it takes a stellar pic and has better IQ than the above EF-S lens........those EF-S lens are still very good and the flexibility of a zoom out wieghs the IQ difference between the two lens types.........for me.

I have the 100L macro and the 400 5.6L on the way. Can't wait for them to get here!

If I had only two lens.............I'd go with the 17-55 and 70-200.

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