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One speck is in the subject of a thread, yet you talk about many and "all over .." ; by which you confirm my statement above about the tendency of some people to make specks into mountains.

Philosophum non facit barba well suits you, my dear barbarian who over-exaggerate and cannot count properly ...

Resorting insults now are we. Tut Tut. Sign of weakness.

Don't worry about my counting ability. I can assure you everything is in order

Several dust spots after only several weeks of light use. Can you imagine how many dust spots of continued annual usage. I can't and who in their right mind would want to find out.

I understand no one wants to hear it but it a design flaw. It's not about people taking things out of proportion. One glaring dust spot on EVERY image is ' one too many '.

A new camera built in 2013 AD should perform slightly better than this.


How can you know for certain that the "several dust spots" you're seeing are the result of dust entering the camera since you took possession of it? It's also possible that the dust was in the camera when you received it, and it has been moving around and landing on your GR's sensor. In that case, it wouldn't be a design flaw but a quality-control issue.

I don't know what the cause of the dust is, but after seeing this thread appear in the forum, I tested my own GR (weeks ago) and found a piece of dust/debris on the sensor. I'll be sending it to Ricoh for cleaning or replacement. That said, I've had my GR since the end of May, and I've used it heavily. I tested it again a few days ago, and there is still only one piece of dust on the sensor, which leads me to believe that no additional dust has entered the camera. I'm leaning toward the QC theory, which is not a good thing either, but it's not the same as a "design flaw."

Until I discovered that others were finding dust spots on their images, I hadn't considered that there could be dust on my own GR's sensor, and I never saw any dust spots in my own photos. I'm not happy about the dust, but my camera will be serviced under warranty, and after that, I'll periodically test for new dust spots.

If the dust spots are indeed caused by dust entering the camera through everyday, normal use, that would be unfortunate, but I'll continue to shoot photos with the GR, regardless. Even with the dust problem, it's still my favorite camera to shoot with, period.

I had emailed Ricoh, via a web form, about dust on my sensor, and a couple of weeks ago I received a reply from Ricoh Product Specialist Joe Virgil, who advised me to send the camera to the Ricoh Service Department in Chandler, Arizona. I had noted in my email that I'd been unable to register the camera through Ricoh's website, and Joe said registration is only for PR/marketing purposes. He said all that matters with respect to warranty service is proof of purchase.

Several days ago Joe called me at the number I had provided on the web form, and we talked for a few minutes about the sensor dust and more. Joe more-or-less repeated what he had said in the email reply he'd sent me, and he also said that dust in the camera is almost certainly a manufacturer's defect. He said the GR is sealed, and it's extremely unlikely that any normal action on the user's part would cause dust to enter the camera.

I asked him if carrying the camera in my pocket could increase the odds of dust entering the camera, and he said no. He did advise against carrying the GR in my pocket, but only because it increases the chance of an impact that could damage the camera. He also described scenarios where the camera gets damaged because it's carried in a pocket along with a set of keys or other hard, sharp objects capable of scratching and/or breaking the LCD.

For what it's worth, Joe Virgil assured me that incidents where users are sending their cameras in for warranty service caused by sensor dust are rare. "Not-contiguous" was the phrase he used.

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