Interesting List Of Reasons To Buy Into Fourthirds

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Interesting List Of Reasons To Buy Into Fourthirds

First I must give credit to fourthirds photography forum on Flickr for this list. My reason for posting this list is the last and final reason to shoot fourthirds, which will forever give me pause to believe marketing hype.

General Advantages
All advantages of the Four Thirds System at one sight:
No decrease in image resolution due to insufficient lenses – full use of the sensor’s performance (OK maybe they got that one right)
No loss of wide angle capability (not so sure about this)
Significantly reduced occurrences of cornershading ( Yep this one was a truth)
Smaller, lighter lenses and bodies ( I think this is true when you compare same aov with FF)
Brighter lenses by approximately two f-stops with same depth of field as 35mm lenses (plus solutions to provide shallow depth of field if required) (Wow I don't think this one is accurate at all)
Designed to remain compatible with future sensor developments ( OK there is a new sensor out where is my new DSLR?)
Cross-manufacturer interchangeability ( Yep guess this is still true for the most part)
Perfect harmonisation of lens and body due to communication standard (What does this mean as compared to other manufacturers?)
Secure investment due to future-oriented design. ( Oh yeah you sure nailed this one on the head as my lenses are next to worthless providing what I paid for them)  :NOTICE I DIDN'T CALL THIS AN INVESTMENT THEY DID!

Sorry for the rant guys I'm just a little peeved after believing the CEO of Olympus about them still making DSLR's and the rumored EM1 IS NOT A DSLR! Maybe by some miracle we will see an E7 but it's starting to look like the chances are slim to nothing.

I haven't made up my mind whether I would by an EM-1 as I don't like really small bodies but maybe with the add on grip it will be large enough for me to hold, we'll see.


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