Olympus Too Many m43 models.

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Re: Olympus Too Many m43 models.

I completely agree with you, EP-1,2,3,5, EPL (whatever), EPM (I can't even keep track of current one and the OMD series, what a mess! Olympus has never been known for it's marketing genius just look at the 43 DSLR forums going back 10 years and nothing but complaints about their marketing.

This is a camera lineup that I think would make sense and be understandable for Olympus

1. Tough Series -  This is a great little P&S whose features cannot be duplicated by camera phones.

2. XZ Series - A very well made full featured P&S with a fast aperture again cannot be matched by camera phones

3. EP-X - Built like a tank, small mirrorless camera that will fit in the pocket and give close to Professional results on the go.

4. OMD Series - A more high end semi pro body designed for the real enthusiast.

5. OMD Pen Pro - Advanced pro body that utilizes all the stellar pro ZD 43rds lenses plus m43 lenses.

6. E-X Pro Body - For the professional who still requires use of an OVF plus a larger body to support the larger ZD 43 lenses like the stellar 300 f2.8.

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