Mac Terminal Unix how to force line break

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Mac Terminal Unix how to force line break

I am in the process of moving from PC to Mac and am at the stage where I am checking that all files (not pictures / everything else) have been moved.

Unfortunately there is a discrepancy with 37,196 files and folders in Windows and 37,064 files and folders in Mac. I am trying to find out what is missing (or perhaps more correctly trying to identify the differences) and I am doing it the (too) simple way of checking what file and folders are not present on both platforms.

After quite a bit of searching I have ended up using Terminal to generate a text file with all files and folders using the command:

"ls -R"

and exported the file which I then open in Excel in Windows. However, the formatting is a bit hit and miss. There can be up to 11 different file names on a line. I have tried different things in Excel when opening the file, but I cannot find out what kind of separator there is between the different file names.

I cannot just make a break after each space, since some of the file names have multiple words with space in between. I knew using file names with over 8 characters was too extravagant

Obviously I can go through the file line by line and format it nicely, but it will take a while. Or two. And there is the risk of man machine error.

Is there some Unix command I can use to force a line break or a "tab" or something after each and every file or folder name before the list is generated? Preferably I would like to end up with a text file with 37,064 lines each containing either a folder or file name.

If at all possible keep it simple. I am still dizzy with the speed of the iMac

All input much appreciated / thanks in advance


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