Its not just m43 that dealers ignore

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Re: Its not just m43 that dealers ignore

RealPancho wrote:

The emphasis on certain brands and models is all about cost. Company buyers determine what can most easily be sold, in what quantities, over a certain period of time. With the brand recognition and corporately funded advertising of Nikon, Canon, and to a lesser extent, Sony, maintaining larger inventories of their products is by far the path of least resistance. Statistical analysis determines how many units each of Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, etc. can be stocked to give retailers the appearance of being “professional, full service” stores.

The best way I’ve seen to insure that a sales staff is knowledgeable is to pay them a commission. Train them, pay them a commission, and they have greater incentive to learn and understand their products. Even though people are often suspicious of them, commissioned salespeople see the value in developing relationships with their customers and serving their needs like professionals. The problem with that is that it’s too much trouble. At least, that’s the perception companies get when they run the numbers. It’s complicated, but that’s how it works.

As for the culture getting dumber by the day, I’d say that skimming superficial observations off the top of a very complex situation, then twisting them in such a way that confirms one’s political bias demonstrates an absence of critical thinking.

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There is one major flaw in your opinion, I know because I have been there and done it, and that is, many mfg's Mainly Nikon & Canon and Retailers, have spiffs, volume contests for a specific line or model, these spiffs. and bonuses are above normal commissions, pushing the sales person to target certain products, regardless of a customers desires or preferences. Also were dealing with certain sales people that are biased, and not in a neutral position about products.

Many of us are also at fault for the following: Using sales people and retail outlets as showrooms, and then researching more on line and buying, I'm one of you! It's not illegal. It does effect the retail world, Best Buy, just changed there whole marketing policy in past months to

"We will match any price on line" or something like that. They were one of the biggest showrooms around. For Me, I like shopping on line now and doing my own research, however, I'm also pretty picky about the info that I read, as there is a lot of behind the scenes internet tools that are used by companies to sway or spin the information from different perspectives, so now I'm finding that shopping on line is taking longer, do to having to compile info and cross reference it to get to a point of trusting it! Even DP Review here supports certain vendors and spins information.

For me, I really miss the old Mom & Pop or specialty retail stores, especially camera stores, where the sales people or owners were there for years and very knowledgeable. I bought all my film cameras and dark room stuff from them. What a shame they are gone, I can even remember how they smelled when you walked in.

I do want to go to B&H's super store one day and buy a camera and some gear, just for the experience.


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