Would you still by the 5D Mrk III?

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Re: Parallel

ESfishdoc wrote:

The majority of sports and wildlife photographers, in the Canon world, have been using crop sensors for many years.

While that is likely true considering all "photographers", the overwhelming majority of professional photographers I consider worth watching in sports and wildlife are shooting full frame.

Well, if you're a pro and can afford the big whites, then yes, shooting full frame with a super tele is the way to go.  But for the rest of us, particularly hobbyists who are pretty much limited to around 400mm, a high pixel density sensor can make a real difference.

Went from a 7D to a 5D3 shortly after the 5D3 was released.  And although I am very happy with my 5D3, I do miss the additional reach my 7D gave me when I needed it  (most of the time for wildlife).

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