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dave gaines wrote:

Lawrence Keeney wrote:


I am in the same boat when it comes to lenses. I look forward to a new camera that will focus these lenses quickly.

However I would hate to spend all the money on a E M1 only to have Olympus release the E7 a few months later.

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Hi Lawrence, Roger and Mark,

No one knows if it will focus 4/3 lenses any faster than the E-P5 does now. Given the relative success of these on-sensor systems to date, don't expect it to be as good as an E-5. The E-P5 focuses the 14-35 fairly easily. It doesn't cut it for the 50-200 or the 35-100.

In a few weeks we'll all know what Olympus has in store. In the mean time we think there is a new MILC to be released. But that is a rumor too. I didn't see the short-lived video but the stills do look like another OM-D.

I won't be rushing out to buy anything new yet. Especially not a MILC. My E-5 works great for now. If an E-7 comes out in the next few months that will be soon enough for me.

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You are coreect regarding the lens support, which till now is still speculation - and lo be to us to have such positive expectations or hopes. If OLY throws a curve ball and the’almost’ used in the video (which i have been watching everyday i obtained it) only refers to the 14~35, then i would be a very unhappy user.

Ps just took the 50-200swd for a wedding shoot and damn i hate the af on my em-5.

Thats why i maintain that hope...

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