Recent Adorama Ebay D600 "deal"-- FILTHY sensor

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Can't believe people the things some people write...

57even wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

Bing Chow wrote:

I am blown away by the low standards some of you set for a company with as much accomplishments and history as Nikon.

We don't hear D700, D3 owners bitch about dust. Why? Is it because every D700/D3 owner has already surrendered and has found better things to do? Do D700/D3 owners have more realistic expectations? Do D600 owners have unrealistic expectations? Or maybe it's because the D700 and D3 bodies are better engineered against contamination and the D600 really do have problems.

I'll tell you why. The initial D600s had problems with oil spots on the sensor which was fairly difficult to remove with the regular cleaning tools.

It was easy enough to wet clean, but who want to do that weekly?

No, that's not true. I wet cleaned my D600 enough times to waste a considerable number of exensive cleaning swabs and the oil spots remained unchanged. I then used a little more than twice the recommended amount of cleaning fluid and the only change was that a couple of the oil spots smudged a little, but weren't removed. I then exchanged the D600 for a D800 which hasn't had any oil problems. Several weeks later I came across some old posts in DPR's archives (and IIRC, Thom Hogan was included in that discussion) saying that to effectively remove oil spots, you had to use a less commonly available cleaning fluid that is detergent based, and after removing the oil, give the sensor a final cleaning with the regular sensor cleaning fluid that's included in most cleaning kits. I would have tried that but I no longer had the D600.


That led to enough threads discussing the problem that people started "pixel peeping" (the other kind) like they hadn't with the D700/D3. So after the oil spots became less of an issue, people were still intensively searching for dust and debris, and they found some.

No I had an initial oil spot issue on my D700 as well. One clean and it didn't return for 6 months. My D600 test had 3 visible spots at F4 within a week of purchase, and over 100 at F16.

We have no way of knowing if the spots on your D700's sensor was from the same type of oil or if the surface above the D600/D700 sensor being cleaned is the same or if the oil might be harder to remove from the D600's sensor. For a while some years ago, two different types of cleaning fluids were used, depending on the camera model used, because the surface above some sensors was adversely affected by the previously recommended fluid. This apparently is no longer the case so you no longer have to match the cleaning fluid to the camera.



If the same size dust particles were on a D700/D3 sensor and a D600 sensor, if you zoom in enough to see individual pixels, the magnification used for the D600's images is greater than that used to see the D700's images, so the dust particles appear larger and are easier to notice.

So the dust on D700/D3 sensors was not only harder to see, there wasn't a similar oil problem that whipped D700/D3 owners into an oil/pixel_dust_peeping frenzy.

Nice theory, so why is my D800 perfectly OK?

Because it doesn't shed dust particles like the D600 does. It's not a theory, btw. If you want to make it a little easier to understand, compare 100% views from a 3mp DSLR with those from a 24mp DSLR. One has enormous photosites and same size dust particles that can easily be seen on the 24mp images will be tiny if you examine the 100% view from the 3mp images. If you can't understand that, then just move on.


Dust shouldn't be a problem. I'm sure the OP has better things to do than shoot blank walls and come here to whine. I'm sure he would rather NOT have to do it.

I agree that most D600 owners would rather not have dust on their D600's sensors, but having found some, it sure seems they're here to whine for the duration.

Since you have no direct experience, why are you commenting? Do you think it's acceptable?

You're clearly wrong again. It's time to stop trusting your crystal ball because it's only feeding you silly, bogus assumptions, or were you hoping to get away with a bluff?

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