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Re: All Nikon VR lens - good advice given

Niko Vita wrote:

Rockwallaby wrote:

I have just had an expensive repair on my 70-200 2.8 VRII and while discussing the repair with the service agent he explained that it is good practice to only turn the VR on when needed and be sure to turn it off on the lens when VR is not needed. If the lens is to be decoupled from the camera body, the VR switch should be turned to off before the camera is switched off.

As the VR mechanism needed replacement in the repair of my lens I asked him to explain why it should be turned off on the lens before turning the camera off. I thought that just turning the camera off would render the VR safe. He went away and got a failed VR mechanism from a lens and showed me how it works. In the VR "on" position, a lens element wobbles around loosely to stabilise the image hitting the sensor. He further explained that when you turn the VR off it will park the wobbly lens element in a secure way so that it is supported if the lens gets a jar or bump. If the VR switch is left in the on position when then the camera turned off, the VR mechanism is left in the wobbly state which makes it vulnerable. Turning the VR switch to off after the camera is turned off is of no use as there will be no power supplied to the lens to enable the correct parking of the VR mechanism, leaving it in a vulnerable state. Having seen the parts involved I could see that his advice would make sense. No guarantees but seems like a good practice to follow.

This applies to all VR lenses.

Great to know this, thanks. I am just wandering why this important info is not explained in the VR lens manuals.

I'm pretty sure the lens manuals say to turn VR off when decoupling the lens.

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