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Feeding Santa

Totally forgot about this thread yesterday. Life and work rushing by with no break.

That is a rare thing : for me not to consider the C&C on Wednesday. Not good.

Anyway, because life and work do not afford me time for photography nor even for processing the results from latest trips, I'll just include something older.

This is a shot from the backstage area where Murga groups are preparing for the Borgerrio Parade.

Murga are what you could call anarchistic, chaotic musical groups who do their wildly improvised thing during parades. Like on this occasioin : http://roelh.zenfolio.com/p13425654

I watched them prepare.

One group was dressed very strangely, in costumes made entirely of knit-wear but representing naked bodies.  Very Adam & Eve or Earth-Mother like, but in a cosy and quaint way.

The son of one participant shared in the fun but was dressed like a bishop and more particularly with the red hat and coat that we in these parts (Belgium, the Netherlands) immediately associate with Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas), the saint who spoils all children with presents on his birthday (Dec 6).

He must be our version of Santa Claus (but Santa Claus is making progress here too, under the influence mainly of Hollywood movies and TV series, and the red Coca Cola truck).

Here's a snap - I was concentrating on the mother in available light with a fast lens, so the non-focus on the child's eyes is not deliberate.  But does it hurt?

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