Does Nex 6 do better as family camera than nex7 ?

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Re: Does Nex 6 do better as family camera than nex7 ?

pmow wrote:

FuzzyQball wrote:

Zone focussing in the good old days used to be easy on my Minolta X-570. Just line up the range with the aperture marks, and away you go. It would be nice to do this with the emount lenses, but there seems to be no easy way.

Until someone comes out with an emount AF lens with a hard stop like on mFT, we're stuck with the Rokinon-type lenses which are manual, but e-mount. Personally I'd prefer to use an adapted MF lens. Yes, it's a bit heavier, but nothing beats mechanical when you know where you need to focus, and turning the wheel 3X isn't an option. The 35/1.8 works well for night time using Mel's double-focus trick (95% of my night shots), but when it's really dark nothing beats a good old MF lens. I'm so finicky I prefer the good/cheap Minolta lenses.

That's why I keep my 35mm f1.4 Summilux on my NEX-6 most of the time. I miss some shots because it takes a few extra seconds to precisely focus it. But damn, when an great old manual lens is on, you can blow the image up to the size of a barn door, and it will be sharp.

The 8mm Rokinon is that way. THEY are the company, not Zeiss, that I would gladly buy an E-mount zoom from. Screw the AF and OSS - give me a manual 16-70mm f4 E-mount that is as sharp as my 8mm and I'd buy a second body and weld that lens to it. I just marvel at how sharp that Rokinon is. Shot at ISO 100, it's as sharp as a Leitz lens, with all the contrast enabling deep shadow detail. I shot some wedding images of a large hall at ISO 800, and yes, at 200X it's noisy, but you can see every face, every eyebrow.

Bottom line: No AF will ever beat a well-focused manual lens. Sure the new lenses are optically superior to the legacy manuals. But rarely does AF hit the sweet focus spot you want like a manual.

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