Would you still by the 5D Mrk III?

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Muresan Bogdan wrote:

Well you got it all wrong here. As somebody said, all pixels are not equal. So if the pixel density is very high ( crop body with 24mp for example) you have a very big drop in shapness ( it's plain physics - difraction phenomenon mostly). So you might and up with that 300 pixels bird that looks mushy while on a FF body you get a 200 pixel bird that is very sharp and so it might take a resize to 300 pixels and still look better than your APS-C. Add noise into the equation and a crop from a FF sensor upscaled might look better than the APS-C equivalent without upscaling.

"might" being the operative word. It would also most probably contain less real subject detail and more interpolated data.

It has a lot to do with the conditions you are shooting in but my main point is that you cannot split the systems into FF - GOOD FOR PORTAIT, APS-C GOOD FOR SPORTS AND WILDLIFE as you did. I believe that the 5dMk 3 is a highly capable camera when it comes to sport and wildlife also, not just portraits. And also using a longer lens is the correct way to go, the crop reach will never give you the same results. If it would be so, all the sports and wildlife photographers would be using M43 or point and shoots

Nope - they'd all be using Nokias! LOL!

The majority of sports and wildlife photographers, in the Canon world, have been using crop sensors for many years.

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