Nikon 1: Do Nikon listen to their customers?

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Re: Nikon 1: Do Nikon listen to their customers?

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There is a long thread on this Forum about why Nikon 1...

Whatever is said on this, or other forums is not something Nikon care about. There is just too much BS going on all over, so they don't have the time and the resources to follow that up, filter out the carp and document the useful stuff. If you want to make your voice heard by them you have to send them a mail. They will definitely read that and answer. That does not mean that they will do as you want.

Even if all the 130 posts in that thread would have been posted by 130 individuals and they all would agree on the exact same things that would only be a tiny drop in a huge sea, so for Nikon it would not make much of a difference.

I think some people overestimate our importance in the world...

That last sentence says it all, unfortunately.

Nikon obviously refused to put out a V1 firmware fix for the 'handful' of enthusiasts (of which we are part) no matter how far and wide we've been clamoring for it. It's possible the next 'big fix' will be the V3, unless they've already pulled the plug on it to cut their losses.

Nikon actually released more than one firmware updates for the V1. Implementing new features outside the specifications is not always as easy as many people on this forum believes, yet Nikon did it in the V1 at least twice already. I am not defending them, but fair is fair...

If they ever release a V3 it will also have "missing features" and will also have a lot of users (and non-users) with strong opinions about what should have been "better made" or different. When I buy a camera I buy it as it is, and unless I find a serious bug I am happy. Of course, before buying one, I read the specs and if possible, download and read the manual as well and test/check out as much as possible. I would NEVER buy a camera hoping for a free firmware update which would change it into something else than it is specified for and described as. It is very easy to make changes in a camera for people who don't work with designing them or have no experience in firmware development and product marketing at all. In real life it is an entirely different and much more complicated and risky thing.

You can not talk about a "firmware fix" unless there is something which needs to be fixed. You can't FIX anything unless it is broken. "Firmware fix" means fixing a bug and as far as I know, there are no bugs in the V1. Additional functions can not be called firmware fixes, they are new functions not fixes.

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