best external monitor for retina macbook?

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Re: best external monitor for retina macbook?

Paul00 wrote:

Have a look at the new Dell 2713H, its just started to appear (£570 in UK) and TFT Central just posted their review:

This display is not to be confused with the U2713H​M​ which is a cheaper model and while still an IPS panel only supports sRGB space and is not a wide Gamut model like the U, if that's what you want for photo editing.

The Apple display is not a good buy, partly because of the cost and limited connections, partly as its got an older generation panel in it, and partly because rumour is its about to be replaced:

As the panel is not the same as the current 27" iMac and it has no USB3 connectivity or matching charging socket for the rMBP like you have.

Unless you plan to go with a cheapo Korean one for £200 less it seems one of the best options, its an LG panel internally and LG have their own model with the same panel coming out in a few months, I forget the model number.

When you're considering monitor for photography, why are you looking at Dells at all? Despite being IPS Wide Gamut displays, there are good for corporate etc.

Take a look at Eizo, NEC. I just bought SX2462 for £640 in UK. EIzo monitors have 5 years guarantee and the best photo equipment on the market basically.

Where did you get the SX2762W for that price? I'm in the market for an Eizo monitor. Thanks.

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