Recent Adorama Ebay D600 "deal"-- FILTHY sensor

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I got the Adorama deal plus my Sony Conspiracy Thoughts.

I clicked on buy it now and got the same deal which I think is a phenomenal deal (1599 with 24-85 lens).   The lens can be resold for $350 if necessary and you got yourself a $1250 D600.  But I want the 24-85 lens.    I will report when I get mine (I am in California, so who knows how long UPS Ground will take).

With that in mind, I have gotten a D600 sometime ago from Cametacamera...which was $1599 for just the camera (refurb) and I thought at the time it was a good deal.  The camera came with 10 shots on the shutter count.   As far as sensor spots -  I noticed a couple at very high Fs after a while which did not bother me at all.  In the worst case scenerio, I have my sensor cleaning solution on the shelf somewhere, I'll just clean the sensor.   I've done it before many times.  Actually I am lying, I usually ask my wife to do it, she has a steady hand and does great job cleaning.

Now, someone above mentioned any DSLR will have these.   I tend to disagree.  I am going to throw some rocks at Nikon and Sony here.

I've owned most Canon cameras from 40D to 5DMark3.   I put 14500 shots on my 5DM3 that I recently sold.  No spots whatsoever on any of my Canons.  I changed lenses frequently on my 5DM3 and nothing.

I've also owned most Nikon DSLRS from D40 to D800.  Most Nikon cameras, with exception of D7000,D700 and D800, had several dust spot issues.   D40 had it.  D300 had it a lot.     D40x had it.   D60 had it.

Also the Sony.   Sony 5n and NEX-7 that I had two samples of, seemed to be a magnet for dust.   I thought it had to do with the fact that the sensor is exposed with no mirror covering it.   However, my Olympus OM-D that also has a sensor exposed, where I changed the lenses even more frequently, has never had any problem with any sensor dust.

Since Nikons use Sony sensors (at least D600 and my previous D300) could it be that Sony sensors are somehow attracting dust like no tomorrow.   I got Sony RX100 recently and even that had a huge dust spot in the left top corner and that was a camera with a non-interchangeable lens!!!!   By the way, the same Left Top Corner that D600 seems to have the problem,   The RX100 had a well documented issue with a number of cameras going back to amazon.con with this issue.  Brand new cameras sold with a dusty sensor, and on RX100, you cannot really remove the lens to clean the sensor.

I think it has something to do with Sony.   Again my Canons - never any problems.  Olympus m43- never any problems.

In any case I will report on my sample of D600 when I receive it.  If it has a couple of spots I will just clean it myself, however if it is as crazy as the OP here, I might return it to adorama.

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