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John.Laninga wrote:

Still trying to optimize the settings for my little XF1 for an upcoming vacation trip, so I took it along with my LX7 for side by side comparisons. Prior comparisons favored settings as proposed by Dave and Griddi, so those are what I used.

... Which explains the sky being completely blown in the shot below. You are wasting the XF1's incomparable (for a smaller sensor camera) ability to capture wide dynamic range. Experiment with using M size, ISO Auto400, DR400, instead.

A rugged trail up

When you returned to Interstate 84 westward from the hike up to Angel's Rest, you passed over the freeway on a sweeping overpass that -- had you been able to dtop on the freeway on-ramp, which you could not -  would have revealed some spectacular cliffs on the Washington side of the Columbia River.  The cliffs are so sheer, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad needs to tunnel through them -- a very long tunnel -- for its mainline.

However, there is a trail that navigates down that cliff (not nearly as scary as it seems, but it does have moments that are not recommended if you have acrophobia) from a trailhead off Washington Highway 14, more or less midway between mileposts 24 and 25. The trailhead is all but invisible from the highway, but the shoulder there is fairly wide on the south -- river -- side of the highway, and you will find it by pulling over and looking on foot. (If you are driving eastward on 14 and you reach Cape Horn, you have gone too far.) Because of switchbacks, the trail is never steep. The views of the mighty Columbia -- Roll on, Columbia, Roll on! (Woody Guthrie) -- from that trail are spectacular. The trail even incorporates its own waterfall, a "mysterious" one.

From the Cape Horn trail: Beacon Rock in the center.

U.S. Forest Service description of the trail.

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