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Re: The Old Blue And White

19andrew47 wrote:

I have tried taking shots of wind turbines before and likely could have gotten any angle I wanted including lying on the ground at the base and shooting straight up. Have yet to make an image of one that was anything more than a document of the turbine. They looked truly amazing the first time I saw the monsters up close but now they are a dime a dozen so the novelty has worn off. For me, they just don't make attractive images by themselves. There has been a lot of controversy in southern Ontario regarding these structures and that may have coloured by view as well.

Actually you raise several good points.  Yes they do wear off as spectacles but maybe if we shoot them as a background to terrain/climatic conditions and make those the key elements with the turbines as an anchoring point maybe we'd never tire?  As for "dime a dozen" we have the largest wind farm in the country on our doorstep.  A mixture of very large and moderate sized ones, about 150 in all (and about to grow).  But unlike most windfarms I have seen globally, where they feature in deserts or flatlands, all ours are on top of our local ranges and spreading.  I always wondered why they painted them White?  Surely if you are putting them on top of green hills in plain view you'd paint them Green to blend in and be less of an eye pollutant??

Having said that, I understand what you were trying to do and the nice blue sky provides a good backdrop for the turbine and blades. I like Zin's crop the best of the rework provided as it focuses a little more on the turbine and less on the tower and as well, I like the tilted angle better with the blade leading from the lower right corner into the frame.


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