Time to debunk IP in digital art and photography once and for all

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Re: Time to debunk IP in digital art and photography once and for all

Mikhail Tal wrote:

Mentor_1 wrote:

Mikhail Tal wrote:

Mentor_1 wrote:

Go for it, see what happens and good luck.

I would put money on you losing as the courts would see your efforts only as way to try to evade the IP which is NOT LEGAL, at least here in the greatest country on earth, Canada.

You missed the point completely. The courts do not make the laws. They are irrelevant in this discussion. I do not deny that IP law exists. I argue that the laws are logically bankrupt and therefore should not exist.

I fear you are bankrupt and trying to be a thief.

I fear that by making a failed attempt at humor you've conceded the point without realizing it. By the way I edited that post to make it more precise.

Trying to defeat any copyright protection is criminal no matter how you may PERSONALLY interpret the law or rules. Get over it and stop the BS, good bye.

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