Nikon S6600 and L620: Worst product launch ever?

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Re: Nikon S6600 and L620: Worst product launch ever?

Mikhail Tal wrote:

The Jacal wrote:

Mikhail Tal wrote:

Why are they saturating the world with even more tiny sensor cameras? They can't even beat the image quality of some cell phones! Are there not already enough 12x and 14x cheap zooms? And the L620 is really absurd, it has 2010 specs and you can get a used 2010 compact for probaly $50 at most. 18 MP on a tiny sensor is laughable, I doubt the crummy f/3.3 lens can even resolve that much. That's literally all the changed. They need to stop wasting their team with this trash and start making 1/1.7" the absolute bare minimum standard for new compacts and 1" for the P models.

There's no reason they can't make 35mm f/1.4 and 24-85mm f/2--f4 "pro" compacts, and 28-116mm f/2-f/4.5 "enthusiast" compact with 1" sensors. Oh, I suppose there is, that colossal failure of a system they ingeniously called Nikon 1. When every camera in the series needs to be slashed 50%+ within a year or updated within three months because it isn't selling, it's time to cut bait and start over. 1" fixed compacts and DX system compacts. That's what any rational product manager would suggest, too bad none of them seem to work for Nikon.

I find the hatred for small sensored compacts amazing. Does it not occur to you that many people just want a simple to record memories? People who don't have have phone cameras, or people who just want a bit more zoom.

Does it not occur to you that sensor size and simplicity of use are completely unrelated?

If the L620 had a one inch sensor in it, the target audiense wouldn't care.

People who don't have phone cameras?

I've got a cam in my phone, but it's shi%e. I don't have the need to be online all the time, therefore I don't have a smartphone. Small market, I admit, but you didn't address what I said about zoom.

You really think the tiny fraction of that already-small who would actually buy a real cameram is even close to enough to justify an almost identical product iteration compared to last year's model?

See above.

There's not a single person who's going to buy an L620 but would have passed on an L610.

Unless they have a big holiday coming up that they booked after the demise of L610.

Does your hatred for these cams extend to the people who use them?

Does your propensity for logical non-sequitors extend to conversations outside of DPR?

Only whan talking to idiots.

Nikon isn't forcing you to buy one, so don't buy one, and accept that there is still quite a big market for this type of camera.

Just not for this specific camera, which already exists in 25 different versions made over the last 3-4 years and all of which are virtually indistinguishable to the generally ignorant group of window shoppers who buy them. Kind of like how the only reason or anyone to buy a T5i is because it's "this year's model", not because it actually offers anything to justify the higher price compared to a T4ii In other words, total suckers.

Sure, not much of an upgrade, but I guess the companies need something in this segment. If people upgrade every year for no real benefit, well, more fool them.

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