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Re: The Old Blue And White

Thane the third image got a lot of impact, but the blades must be a bit more vertical to my feeling. However I like the third the most.



OlyChamp wrote:

Zindanfel wrote:

OlyChamp wrote:

I entered this image in the recent Transformation challenge and had one comment that was helpful but impossible to fulfil. Why I chose to enter this was purely down to the unique view of the Turbine and the stark White and Blue contrasts (E620 14-42).

I think folks might have wanted more of the turbine in shot but that's not practical as they are so huge (75 metre towers 35 metre blades) and besides from an artistic viewpoint it's been done before. Anyhow, yours now.

Mario's comments on the angle and potential for motion blur are on point.

You've described some constraints of shooting location. I think you might be able to mitigate those somewhat. "More turbine in the shot" is accomplished after a fashion by cropping down to a place where the machine occupies more relative space. This helps evoke the massive size of the beast, and anyway those blade tips aren't so necessary to make the "turbine" statement.

Then, to simulate a sense of motion, just tip the structure over to a more diagonal "active" angle. Since there are no other elements in the picture to create dissonance, you have free license with this.

Below is my play with your shot. I'll remove it from my gallery before next C&C. I added a white line border to neaten up. All PP in Photoscape.

Yeah I do like that and your ideas. At first I was of the mind that both my photo editors didn't have the ability to arbitrarily rotate like oyu did and I was right so stewed for a second then downloaded Photoscape and voila!! Now I have a new tool

I liked your rendition but the angles struck me as wrong for my eye (I am an ex surveyor) so played with the original in Photoscape and got the Turbine horizontal and two of the blades near vertical. This left the tower and one blade at angles to give scope to the whole image. I think you were right about the size ratio, maybe now in yours and mine the blade housing gives immensity to the image?


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