Looking for first studio lights

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Looking for first studio lights

I've been looking to get some lights for studio work for a while. I've narrowed the choice to two. The first are A/C powered mono-lights and the other are battery powered. Both are about 1000 quid UK for 2 lights (no modifiers which I'd need to add to which ever lights I choose). The pros and cons as I see them:

A/C powered:

* More powerful

* Shorter flash duration

* Takes standard S type modifiers

* Faster recycling

* Can't be used on location

Battery powered:

* Can be used anywhere

* Probably powerful enough for me

* No modelling light

* Can use S type modifiers with adapter

Both types use the same radio triggering system (they are the Lencarta SuperFast and Atom Portable bare bulb lights if that helps).

My question is: for someone starting out which is better? To me it comes down to do I want a modelling light or do I want to be flexible on location. I don't have a studio so I need to be portable and the option to shoot outdoors just about anywhere appeals. I want to shoot children and families mainly. I don't have much experience but did rent some gear a while ago (A/C powered) and did an event and also did the same with speedlights. Both went OK but I'd like to get my own gear and practice.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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