silky waterfall shots using a sl1000??????

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Re: silky waterfall shots using a sl1000??????

iain75 wrote:


I am new to this forum and photography as a whole really, so bear with me.

I recently bought a Fujifilm finepix sl1000 and i am slowly getting to know how to use it to its full potential.

The only thing i can't work out is how to take photographs of water and water falls with a silky effect.

Is this camera capable of taking such shots???

I have tried adjusting the shutter speed and lowering the aperture but the photo doesn't come out well... rubbish in fact!

If this camera can take this sort of shot can anyone pass on some (easy to understand) advice please as i am still getting to know all the jargon.

thank you

OK, what you are looking for is the ability of allowing the exposure to be long enough to blur the action (IE, Water moving). This can be done with many cameras which allow Aperture and Shutter setting. Usually, most old school photographers used a SLOW film or waited till evening when a low shutter speed could be used, say 1/15 or a second.

With the new digital age iso may be used to lower exposure. The SL1000 in manual mode offers a light meter which show under exposure. Using this with a very slow Shutter should get the effects you with. If your still having problem .. wait til evening and set you camera to 1/8 second and then set you Aperture to adjust you meter accordingly.

This camera is very capable of doing this.


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