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kuaimen wrote:

drj3 wrote:

Olympus camera division (half dead?) will die an ugly death if they dare sell a "tiny"-sensor camera without significant price difference compared to a 35mmff-sensor camera, me believes.

When comparing similar generation technology, silicon is sold mostly by area. Sensor of 35mmff size costs about 4x compared to 4/3 sensor. Given that condition, and given that good 35mmff OVF is also expensive, Olympus would rake in a huge profit based on BOM only (not including R&D cost), if the price is set close to 35mmff.

If the sensor was the accounted for most of the cost of a camera, you would be correct. However, all those other things like the camera body, the LCD, the electronics, and image stabilizer typically will cost far more than the sensor. Comparing the E-M1 with dust, moisture, and freeze proofing and at least theoretically semi-pro level components to a stripped down full frame camera is not appropriate. This logic would say that a Canon rebel should cost the same as the Canon 7D (originally $1974) since they use the same sensor. I personally think the 7D is really worth more than three times the cost of the rebel. If the E-M1 really is a semi-pro level camera which can effectively use all FT lenses and has a build quality equal to the E5, then I would be surprised if the price was less than $1500. If the Olympus Pen EPM2 cost as much as a introductory level FF, then Olympus would have a serious problem.

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Expensive items command much higher profit than cheap items, per unit. Canon would/should make more profit per 7D than the other lesser Canon DSLRs. The higher frame rate of 7D alone costs a lot of money, as 7D would need much more memory (silicon area) and faster image processor (needs more high-speed memory too) to handle large amount of data rapidly.

And there is the perceived disadvantage of 4/3 and m4/3 of being not as much a camera as a 35mmff to begin with. It's just like no matter what it is, one cannot sell a smaller LED TV for more money than a bigger one. It has very little to do if the smaller TV is actually better, if there is a true objective measure of the "betterness", or if it is already big enough for the viewer.

If EM1 does not have a significant price gap compared to even the entry-level 35mmff cameras, more people will switch to C/N for their "serious" camera.

All the memory and sensor combined is still a very small part of the cost of producing a camera.  Small TV''s are not always cheaper.  I just looked at Samsung website and indeed many of the smaller TV's are much more expensive.  A larger TV is more expensive than a smaller one with the same features.  However, a small TV with better features is much more expensive than a stripped larger one.  Comparing all 65" Samsung TV's the price range on their website the prices ranged from $1500- $7500, the 55" TV's ranged from $2800-$9000, since there were no stripped 55" TVs.  The only 46" TV was $2600, more than several 65" TVs.  Apparently people are willing to pay more for a  better equipped small TV, than a stripped larger one.

If the E M1 price was $3000, then I agree that Olympus would have difficulty, since a well featured Nikon D8000 could be purchased for less.  Even then the E M1 would have a distinct advantage in size, but not in perceived value or IQ.  You my be correct, however, that people may equate size with value for cameras, in which case I think the E M1 may have problems.  There certainly appear to be many individuals on this website who appear to believe that it is overpriced.   I just think it is strange that the comparison would be with FF cameras with far fewer features instead of well equipped cropped sensor Nikon and Canon cameras with similar features.  However, maybe the individuals on the Canon and Nikon forums are saying the same thing about their crop sensor cameras.

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