Why I do not consider the rumoured EM-1 a true E5 successor or alternative

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esco wrote:

While i'm sure i'll enjoy an em1 and many others will who also own pro gear, it's pretty narrow minded to believe that it's suitable for 95% of the pros out there. You might want to think outside of your own experiences and of those that are already fans of the mirrorless systems because there is a reason why mirrorless ISN'T used by 99% of the pros out there. Nevermind the bodies not being suitable but you don't even have access to the focal ranges and specialty lenses required by many!
I really don't understand how some people can make such statements. . .

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Oldschool Evolt shooter

Other than a tilt/shift lens, largely obsoleted by software correction, I'm hard pressed to think of a lens missing from the 4/3's line-up that a pro would miss.

What's missing? Wide angle zooms? Fisheyes? Fast standard zooms? Macro? Fast telephoto zoom? Fast telephoto primes? Fast super telephoto zoom?

I've been a professional photographer for thirty plus years.

I've done the FIFA World Cup, World Cycling Championships, CART high speed auto racing, celebrity and glamour photography that has been published in Playboy and Rolling Stone among many other magazines worldwide, album covers and concert shoots, product catalogues, corporate annual reports, architectural interiors that have been published in every Canadian design magazine, on the front page of the HOMES section of all four Toronto daily newspapers as well as Architectural Digest.

I've photographed Professional Tennis, Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NFL, the CFL, national and international advertising campaigns, and over two dozen weddings.
I was the contract photographer for Tourism Toronto, and the Canadian Tourism Commission also published my work promoting Canada to the world.

I have survived for thirty years in a profession that has a ninety percent attrition rate in the first 2 years of business, and I have a pretty good idea of the needs of the average pro photographer.

Here's a real life example, not theoretical nonsense.

You get flown up to Manitoulin Island to do a hero shot of a massive conveyor mechanism for the front cover of an annual report.
The conveyor loads lake freighters, which don't exactly travel on a precise schedule, so you and the AD spend the night driving around the countryside frightening the wildlife while waiting for the boat to get in, and in perfect dawn light it pulls up to the dock just like we planned it that way.

The shoot has to be done at the top of the conveyor, which is ten stories high, while it is in operation moving along a rail track. You will need a wide angle zoom, tele zoom and a long tele to accomplish the shot list up there.
The only way up is a steel rung ladder on the outside of the conveyor base. There are no platforms to rest, there is no safety rail. It's ten stories of climbing straight up on the outside of a massive steel structure in motion.

Which do you want to make that climb with? A Lowe Pro Trekker full of full frame gear, or a small sling bag with light weight micro four thirds?

I did it with the Lowe Pro full of Contax gear and believe me, it was one of the most insane things I've ever done in photography. I was completely exhausted by the time I reached the top. The AD flat out refused to come up at all to supervise.
Had Micro existed back then there would be no doubt which would be best suited.

There are dozens of other shoots I could tell you about where Micro has excelled, or would have done an equally good job compared to what was actually used on the shoot. And there are many others where Micro would have been a much better choice than what was used.

Micro Four Thirds is an excellent pro tool in the right circumstances, and the rumored E-M1 is going to broaden the range of those circumstances considerably.

Douglas Brown

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