Nikon 300mm F2.8 VRII + D7100 : To TC or not to TC... that's the question

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Re: Nikon 300mm F2.8 VRII + D7100 : To TC or not to TC... that's the question

@ Antonoat: Very impressive images! You definitely know how to PP an image to get the maximum out of it! (I can compare as I have the 300mm F2.8 myself)

However what is also important: I find the image of the sparrow extremely nice and given that it was taken with the 300mm + 14TC it sure looks promising... however, it was shot at 5m and if my calculations are correct you didn't do a lot of cropping (if any).

So I'm looking at the original image which is 1.332MP large, a resize of about 20% of the original.
I must say I really appreciate the examples, but for the "debate" I'm looking for I would need at least 80% crops. The rationale behind this is that I'm looking to put 200% pixels on the bird (with the 1,4TC) so anything around 50% resized isn't going to give me any indication on if the TC improved the image...

I tried looking for "tests" comparing the bare lens with the 300mm F2.8-TC'ed for the exact same subject at the exact same distance and then looking at 100% crops of the D7100 (or any high res camera) but they are hard to find or no one performed such a test.

Thanks already for the replies

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