Olympus Too Many m43 models.

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Re: 4 (and soon 5) is too many?

honeyiscool wrote:

Really? I don't think so. However, I do think they should differentiate themselves a bit more. In my ideal world, this is what the Olympus lineup would look like.

OMD EM Pro for the pro crowd. Fine as it will be.
OMD EM for the mini-SLR form factor. Fine as it is.
E-P should have a range-finder style corner viewfinder.
E-PL should have the much of the feature set of the E-P (mainly IBIS) but similar to current form factor.
E-PM should more or less stay the same w/ the fixed LCD, touch-screen based controls, etc.

They already do one thing right, where the cameras are distinguished by form factor rather than image quality. Panasonic could definitely take that page from the Olympus playbook.

The fact that Olympus says the EP5 is falling behind by 12% on its projected sales can be driven by two options

1) everyone is underselling projections

2) EP5 is loosing because the sales are going to other models.

The best selling model was not the cheapest one OMD EM-5.  Its still holding its value fairly.  Thats because non of the other models can compete with in the PEN lineup.

The PEN lineup has to much competition between its models.

Apple has a successful model with a limited number of products.  Olympus could learn from that.

A Model a Year format is what has generates the Mpix race in all of the camera manufactures.

I started the digital camera race with the Olympus D 340L and the first SLR was a Canon d30.

I have purchased two omds, ep1, gf3, epl3.  gave the ep1 away to a student.

The EM5 and a EP5 would suffice.

Leica seems to do just fine with a limited number of models.

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