Would you still by the 5D Mrk III?

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qianp2k wrote:

Press Correspondent wrote:

There is a difference between a car and a mountain bike. You can ride either, but one is fast and luxurious; the other you can carry. Which one to get? Hmm... Let me ask the forum...

There is a difference between sports and portraits. One needs a long reach; the other needs a shallow DOF, but you can shoot with either camera. Which one to get? Well, the answer is actually very logical and simple: decide what your primary goal is, sports or portraits.

Sports are not really FL limit as you always can find longer lens (unlike wildlife especially birding). It's basically no issue for those switched from 1D4/1D3 to 1DX. Instead of using 300L, now those sports PJs use 400L or 500L. In other side, they get wider angle when players running close, and of course better IQ especially in low light.

I agree. My point was that people should start with what they want to accomplish, but not with what camera they need.

But there is a caveat. Super telephoto lenses are very expensive. If you have a FF body and need a super telephoto, it actually may be less expensive to buy a second crop body with an equivalently shorter lens. Plus you don't even need to change lenses this way and are always ready to take a shot. Keep in mind that the tele reach factor is NOT the crop factor, hut the ratio of the pixel sizes. For example, if 7D2 ends up 24mp, its tele reach factor in comparison to 1Dx would be 1.85, not 1.6.

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