Kowa 500mm Telephoto lens / Scope

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Kowa 500mm Telephoto lens / Scope

Just wanted to let everyone of the quality of Kowa's 500mm Telephoto lens and the fantastic images it captures.

The lens contains fluorite lenses and its hard to distinguish it from images taken with my Canon 600L F4 USM IS mkII. Its a modular system, allowing it to be quickly converted to either a 350mm, 5000, or a massive 840mm lens! To add to the versatility, it can also be used as a top quality scope.

Iv been using it for some time and its simply amazing! Its a third of the cost & weight of Canon's / Nikon's supertele lenes! Find some sample images at the end. If anyone needs any info or help feel free to contact me! TRUST ME THIS LENS ROCKS!

Whiskered Tern taken with Canon7D & Kowa 500mm Telephoto lens / Scope & TX10 adapter. 1/1600sec @ F8 ISO1600

Whiskered Tern taken with Canon7D & Kowa 500mm Telephoto lens / Scope & TX10 adapter. 1/1600sec @ F8 ISO1600

Whiskered Tern taken with Canon7D & Kowa 500mm Telephoto lens / Scope & TX10 adapter. 1/1600sec @ F8 ISO1600


1. Fluorite Crystal Lens - The Pinnacle of Quality
[PROMINAR] Super Telephoto Lens
To minimize chromatic aberration (color blur) that occurs in long focal length lenses, the [PROMINAR] telephoto lens utilizes one pure fluorite crystal lens and two XD (eXtra-low-Dispersion) lenses. Bringing together the advanced optical technology fostered through decades of spotting scope development with the use of a fluorite crystal lens has produced a camera lens with extremely high contrast and sharp images.

2. 350mm, 500mm, and 850mm
Three Focal Lengths in One Lens
From the standard specification of “500mm F5.6”, it is possible to change the focal length of the lens so that it can be used as a brighter “350mm F4” lens or as a longer telephoto “850mm F9.6” lens. This is accomplished by using the optional mount adapters [TX07] or [TX17]. XD lenses are incorporated in the optical designs of the 350mm and 850mm mount adapters to ensure optimal optical performance when combined with the master lens. (All support 35mm full size.)

3. Easy to Use Dual Focus
To accurately adjust the focus when focusing manually, the popular Kowa spotting scope dual focus system had been adopted for this lens.
Combined with an optical system that allows the focus peak to be easily found, there are two focusing rings, consisting of a quick focusing ring for rapid focus adjustment and a fine focusing ring for detailed focus adjustment. These make it possible to accurately adjust the focus even in the severest focusing conditions encountered in super-telephoto photography.

4. Available Mounts: Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Micro Four-ThirdsInterchangeable Mount System Allows Effective Use of Multiple Cameras
Anticipating uses unforeseen by digital camera manufacturers, bayonet mount systems have been adopted by manufacturers to allow easy mounting and release of the camera. The Kowa mount adapters have adopted this bayonet mount system to easily change between cameras and other mount adapters. Since the prism unit also utilizes a bayonet system, switching between photographing and observation can also be easily carried out.

5. Two Products in One
Use as a High-Performance Camera Lens and Spotting Scope
Making effective use of the outstanding optical system of the master lens, the telephoto lens can also be used as a spotting scope by connecting it to the optional prism unit and eyepiece. Through the use of a simple and easy to use bayonet mounting system, switching between “photographing” and “observation” with the lens is easily accomplished. When used as a spotting scope, crystal clear images can be enjoyed since there is no focusing screen.

6. Digiscoping Opens up a World of Even Higher
Super Tele-Photography of 1000mm - 3000mm*
By connecting a digital camera adapter to the lens when configured for use as a scope, it is possible to digiscope using a compact digital camera.
Through digiscoping, it is possible to achieve focal lengths of 1000mm to 3000mm* and more, allowing photographing of wild birds and other subjects at long distances that would not ordinarily be possible with digital SLR cameras alone. By using both a digital SLR camera and a compact digital camera with the master lens it is possible to cover focal lengths from 350mm to more than 3000mm* with a single lens.
*35mm film full size equivalent focal length

7. Lightweight and Compact Design with Outstanding Portability
This 500mm super-telephoto lens weight is less than 2kg.(4.34 lbs.)
The compact size makes it extremely portable and its lightweight design allows for hand-held shooting. In addition, with a length of only 250mm(9.8 in) (when the mount adapter is removed) the lens can easily be carried in a small backpack.

8. Dustproof and Weatherproof Structure
The objective lens and focusing units utilize rubber O-rings to seal the housing of the lens for enhanced dust and weatherproofing.

9. Long Hood with Attached Sighting Device
A lightweight long hood is provided as a standard accessory.
The hood mounting screw has a special shape that allows it to be used together with the sight attached to the camera, aiding the swift introduction of the subject into the field of view when attempting super-telephoto photography.

10. Easy Mounting on Tripod Heads
The design of the tripod mounting foot allows it to be mounted directly to mounting on the camera plates or quick release plates of some tripod heads manufactured by Manfrotto and GITZO without the need of the quick release plate. Mounting and release from the tripod head is easy and the system can be used without worrying about the quick release plate coming loose. Mounting to other tripod heads is possible (1/4” threads are supported.)

For more info www.aviantours.net/blog

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