the D4x is coming.

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Re: Is there a market for it?

CFynn wrote:

PatFahey wrote:

rubank wrote:


And who wants to look at square pictures? You´d always be cropping, i.e. wasting pixels. Very high priced pixels.

Ever hear of Hasselblad?

Yes I still have a 500 c/m. - and had a Rollei TLR as well

On those cameras the square format eliminated the need for a large, heavy eye level prism if you used the folding waist level finder.

I like the square format too - but the reality is most people prefer the majority of their photos rectangualar.

I still have and occasionally use my Rollei 3.5F TLR. Mostly WITH the bulky prism. It makes following action and precise focusing much easier. Same with my Blad 503 which is no longer reliable enough to use. I do generally print rectangular images from the square format. Its kind of nice not having to spin the camera to compose. It does bother me a bit to waste the imaging area on film.

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