Built in physical filters (concept)

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Re: Built in physical filters (concept)

I asked about something similar to this in a thread a while ago.

I wondered why cameras do not have a "smart" activatable LCD screen on top of the sensor.  Some cameras already have built in NDs, but if the ND filter is just an LCD on top of the sensor, why limit it to a stricly "on" or "off" functionality?
Why not allow for graduated ND or per-pixel ND activation where highlights are blown? With mirrorless cameras, the sensor is able to tell the ND filter on top of it exactly which pixels are blowing out to compress dynamic range in those areas.

Also, if the ND filter on top of the sensor had small enough pixels, would there not be enough pixels to "create" a polarizer by only allowing alternating rows to be activated, creating a thin mesh "screen" that could be horizontal, vertical or pseudo diagonal?
I don't think you need a physically moving filter screen at all, but maybe my knowledge of what the electronic ND can do is off.

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