E M1 on Fourthirds Rumors

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Re: E M1 on Fourthirds Rumors

drj3 wrote:

Olympus camera division (half dead?) will die an ugly death if they dare sell a "tiny"-sensor camera without significant price difference compared to a 35mmff-sensor camera, me believes.

When comparing similar generation technology, silicon is sold mostly by area. Sensor of 35mmff size costs about 4x compared to 4/3 sensor. Given that condition, and given that good 35mmff OVF is also expensive, Olympus would rake in a huge profit based on BOM only (not including R&D cost), if the price is set close to 35mmff.

If the sensor was the accounted for most of the cost of a camera, you would be correct. However, all those other things like the camera body, the LCD, the electronics, and image stabilizer typically will cost far more than the sensor. Comparing the E-M1 with dust, moisture, and freeze proofing and at least theoretically semi-pro level components to a stripped down full frame camera is not appropriate. This logic would say that a Canon rebel should cost the same as the Canon 7D (originally $1974) since they use the same sensor. I personally think the 7D is really worth more than three times the cost of the rebel. If the E-M1 really is a semi-pro level camera which can effectively use all FT lenses and has a build quality equal to the E5, then I would be surprised if the price was less than $1500. If the Olympus Pen EPM2 cost as much as a introductory level FF, then Olympus would have a serious problem.

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Expensive items command much higher profit than cheap items, per unit. Canon would/should make more profit per 7D than the other lesser Canon DSLRs. The higher frame rate of 7D alone costs a lot of money, as 7D would need much more memory (silicon area) and faster image processor (needs more high-speed memory too) to handle large amount of data rapidly.

And there is the perceived disadvantage of 4/3 and m4/3 of being not as much a camera as a 35mmff to begin with. It's just like no matter what it is, one cannot sell a smaller LED TV for more money than a bigger one. It has very little to do if the smaller TV is actually better, if there is a true objective measure of the "betterness", or if it is already big enough for the viewer.

If EM1 does not have a significant price gap compared to even the entry-level 35mmff cameras, more people will switch to C/N for their "serious" camera.

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