Upgrading from the D200

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Re: Upgrading from the D200

TeeTime wrote:

I've been shooting with the D200 for the past five or six years. Six months ago I purchased the D600 and am happy with it. I did have the dust issue and sent it to Nikon for cleaning and shutter assembly replacement. It seems to have fixed the dust issue.

My main reasons for upgrading were:

1. Better high ISO performance, and it truly is amazing compared to the D200.

2. Ability to dial in shallower depth of field, which I like to exploit.

3. Video mode

4. Ability to set focus adjustment for each of my lenses.

5. Dual SD cards

I haven't had any problem adapting to the D600 controls, but because I have retained my D200 for possible use as a backup camera I would prefer that the controls were more similar. But if will only shoot with your new camera I think within a couple weeks you will be fine with the D600 controls.

Most of my glass was already FX (thank goodness). I did sell my 18-200 to a friend and purchased a barely used 28-300 on eBay. It is a travel lense for me and I have been very pleased with it. It isn't as sharp as my 70-200, but I love the size and weight for travel.

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The controls issue is the primary reason I will likely never go the D600 route.

My first step was a used D700 then both the D800 and D800E. I shoot multiple bodies during most of my shoots AND still employ my D700. If you don't have the video bug (which I don't) and have situations where the faster frame rate would be useful, I'd go for a used D700... otherwise I love the 800's as well.

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